Passion projects

Although, I have grown up and lived most of my life in Africa (Durbanite) and worked in the travel industry, I have a few passions that I do and love outside of my work life which influences my ethos.


Motorcycle touring

I love motorcycles, motorcycle sports and motorsport in general and even touring countryside’s and adventure touring. I have companies I can recommend in South Africa, Portugal and in Norway and Finland.

I might even one day arrange a ride… message me if you need advice.



Lastly, I am half Portuguese and I have a passion for my father’s homeland, Portugal. I have a good friend who offers the destination and some family in country and I try to visit when I can. This is an area I will look to develop one day in the future. Susanna Tocca from DOC DMC is such a thorough hands on MD and will look after you. Happy to introduce you.


Side passions

I am an ex-IRB level 2 coach and an avid rugby fan and I follow a ton of rugby and through this I have helped a few Nordic players attend the Sharks Academy in South Africa. I am still open to helping those that feel it’s something they would like to do.

Surfing – There are a few great surf schools and BnB’s in Portugal, why not let me tell you where to go.